Description of the illustration sql_access_initial_options.gif

The screenshot shows the SQL Access Advisor: Initial Options page.

Below the title of the page is the text, "Select a set of initial options." The two options are: Verify Use of Access Structures (Indexes, Materialized Views, Partitioning, etc.) Only and Recommend New Access Structures (selected). Associated with the Recommend New Access Structures is the Inherit Options from a Previously Saved Task Or Template check box. It is selected.

The Cancel and Continue buttons are on the far right.

An Overview section has the following text: The SQL Access Advisor evaluates SQL statements in a workload Source, and can suggest indexes, partitioning, materialized views and materialized view logs that will improve performance of the workload as a whole.

A Tip says, "You are selecting the starting point for the wizard. All options can be changed from within the wizard.

The Task and Templates section has a View list, with the value Templates Only. Below that is the View Options button.

A table in the section has the following columns: Select, Name, Description, Last Modified, and Type. The values in the Select column are options. The values of the rows are the following.

Row 1: (selected), SQLACESS_EMTASK, Default Enterprise Manager task templates, Jan 11 2012 1:27:47 PM CST, Default Template.

Row 2: (not selected), SQLACCESS_GENERAL, General purpose database template, Jan 11 2012 1:27:46 PM CST, Template.

Row 3: (not selected), SQLACCESS_OLTP, OLTP database template, Jan 11 2012 1:27:46 PM CST, Template.

Row 4: (not selected), SQLACCESS_WAREHOUSE, Data Warehouse database template, Jan 11 2012 1:27:46 PM CST, Template.

End of description.