Description of the illustration sql_access_results_rec.gif

The screenshot shows the Recommendations subpage of the Results for Tasks page. There are two sections on the subpage: Recommendations by Cost Improvement and Select Recommendations for Implementation.

The Recommendations by Cost Improvement section contains a bar chart. The vertical axis measures the Cost Improvement, with values from 0 to 12,000 incrementing by 2,000. The horizontal axis shows the ID, with values, from left to right, of 1, 2, 3, and 4. The legend shows that blue bars measure Cost Improvement. All the bars in the graph are blue.

The Select Recommendations for Implementation section contains a table. Just below the section heading is the Include Retain Actions option, which is selected. Below this option are the Recommendation Details, Schedule Implementation, and Show SQL buttons. Below the Recommendation Details button are two links, Select All and Select None.

The columns of the table are: Select, Implementation Status, ID, Actions, Action Types, Cost Improvement, Cost Improvement (%), Estimated Space Used (MB), and Affected SQL Statements. The values of the Select column are check boxes. The values in the Implementation Status column are icons. The values in the ID column are links. The values in the Action Types column are colored squares. A legend below the table identifies the following action types: Indexes, Materialized Views, Materialized View Logs, Partitions, and Others. The rows in the table have the following values:

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