Description of the illustration sql_access_review.gif

The screenshot shows the SQL Access Advisor: Review page.

Below the title of the page are the following label-value pairs: Database is empdb, Logged In As is DBA1.

To the right of the label-value pairs are the Cancel, Back, and Submit buttons. Between the Back and Submit buttons is the text, "Step 4 of 4".

Below that is the text, "Please review the SQL Access Advisor options and values you have selected." Next are the following label-value pairs: Task Name is SQLACCESS8895797, Task Description is SQL Access Advisor, Scheduled Start Time is Run Immediately.

The Options table has the associated Show All Options button. The table has the following columns: Modified, Option, Value, and Description. In the Modified column, a check mark indicates that the option value has been modified. The rows have the following values:

Row 1: (check mark), Analysis Scope, All Tuning Artifacts, The type of recommendations that are allowed.

Row 2: (check mark), Included Users, SH HR, Contains a list of users who execute SQL statements that are eligible for tuning.

Row 3: (check mark), SQL Tuning Set, DBA1.STS_TUEFEB21, Import Workload from SQL Repository.

Row 4: (check mark), Workload Source, SQL Tuning Set, The source of SQL statements to be used to create the workload.

End of description.