Description of the illustration tgsql_vm_006.eps

This graphic shows two computers: Source Host and Destination Host. The former contains a cylinder labeled Source Database. This database contains a Staging Table icon labeled with the number 1. Beneath it is an icon labeled SQL Management Base. Instead this box is a box labeled SQL Plan Baselines. It points up to the Staging Table, with the arrow marked with the number 2 and the label "Pack." The Staging Table points down to an icon of a dump file. The arrow is labeled 3 and also has the label Data Pump Export. The dump file points right to the dump file on the Destination Host. The arrow is labeled with the number 4 and also the label "Transfer Dump File to Destination Host." The icons in Destination Host are identical to the icons in Source Host, with the following differences: the direction of the arrows is reversed, "Pack" is "Unpack," "Export" is "Import," the number 3 is a 5, the number 2 is a 6, and the number 1 does not appear.