The Configure Network window has a listener selection tab. Existing listeners are displayed in a list, described in six-column table. Column 1 is a checkbox, which you can use to select or unselect an existing listener. Column 2 is called Name. It is the listener name column. Column 3 called Port. It is the listener port number. Column 4 is called Oracle home. It the path to the Oracle home for the existing listeners. Column 5 called Status. It indicates the listener status for each existing listener (up or down). Column 6 is called Migrate. It indicates whether or not the listener is scheduled for migration.

Below the Listener Selection table for listener migration there is a check box labeled Create a new listener. If you select this option, then there are fields that identify the listener name and listener port. Provide a name and a port number for the listener. The Oracle home for the listener indicates the Oracle home where the listener is placed when it is created.

There are Help, Back, Next, and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the window.