6 Post-Upgrade Tasks for Oracle Database

After you upgrade Oracle Database, complete required post-upgrade tasks, and consider recommendations for the new release.


If you use AutoUpgrade to complete the upgrade, then many of these tasks may be done automatically as part of the upgrade.

Release Updates and Requirements for Upgrading Oracle Database

Before starting upgrades, update your new release Oracle home to the latest Release Update (Update).

The software for new Oracle Database releases contains a full release that includes all the latest updates for Oracle Database at the time of the release.

Before you start an upgrade, Oracle strongly recommends that you update your new release Oracle home to the latest quarterly Release Update (Update).

My Oracle Support provides detailed notes about how you can obtain the updates, as well as tools for lifecycle management.. For example:
  • My Oracle Support note 555.1 Oracle Database 19c Important Recommended One-off Patches contains a list of patches of particular importance for Oracle Database 19c.
  • My Oracle Support note 2118136.2 contains a download assistant to help you select the updates, revisions, Patch Set Updates (PSU), SPU (CPU), Bundle Patches, Patchsets, and Base Releases that you need for your environment. Oracle highly recommends that you start here.
  • My Oracle Support note 1227443.1 contains a list of Oracle Database PSU/BP/Update/Revision known issues. This note provides information about all known issues notes for Oracle Database, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, and the Oracle JavaVM Component (OJVM).