Class: proj.AlbersUSA



A custom Albers projection that moves the states of Alaska and Hawaii
closer to the lower 48 states of USA.

It defines two functions, forward(lon, lat) and inverse(x,y) that transform map coordinates.
The forward() function transforms a pair of longitude and latitude values
into projected coordinates x and y. The inverse function transforms the
projected x and y values into their original longtiude and latitude.
The return value of both functions is a json object with an x and a y properties.

To use this projection, your map must use the special SRID 505050.
What this means is that the universe of the map should be based on 505050. Here
is an example of how to create such a custom universe for your map.

var config = {
srid : 505050,
bounds : new OM.geometry.Rectangle(-3200000, -500000, 2800000, 3800000, 505050),
numberOfZoomLevels: 10

var myUniverse = new OM.universe.Universe(config);

The above code creates such a universe, which can be passed to the OM.Map
constructor when creating a new map.

new proj.AlbersUSA()