Automatic Index Optimization

ADO Policies for Indexes extends existing Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) functionality to provide compression and optimization capability on indexes. Customers of Oracle Database are interested in leveraging compression tiering and storage tiering to satisfy their Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) requirements. Existing ADO functionality enables you to set policies that enforce compression tiering and storage tiering for data tables and partitions automatically, with minimal user intervention.

In a database, indexes can contribute to a significant amount of database space. Reducing the space requirement for indexes, without sacrificing performance, requires ILM actions similar to the existing Automatic Data Optimization feature for data segments. Using this new Index compression and optimization capability, the same ADO infrastructure can also automatically optimize indexes. Similar to ADO for data segments, this automatic index compression and optimization capability achieves ILM on indexes by enabling you to set policies that automatically optimize indexes through actions like compressing, shrinking and rebuilding indexes.