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Changes in Oracle Database Release 20c for Property Graph Support

The following changes apply to property graph support in Release 20c of Oracle Spatial and Graph. The property graph feature requires Oracle Graph Server and Client (see section 1.2) which is released four times a year. Hence, we separately highlight below the new features in the most recent Oracle Graph Server and Client release.

New Features

Significant new features for this release include:

  • Graph Visualization tool: Lightweight, single-page web application to visualize graphs.
  • In-memory graph representation optimization for reduced memory usage and faster performance.
  • User-defined functions (UDFs), for creating custom graph algorithms and extending product graph algorithms with Java or JavaScript syntax.
  • Support for Autonomous Database.
  • Graph server authentication and authorization based on Oracle Database users and roles.
  • New Synchronizer API to keep partitioned graphs up-to-date with changes in the Oracle Database.
  • PGQL features:
    • Added a CREATE PROPERTY GRAPH statement to both PGQL on Oracle Database and PGQL on PGX for creating property graphs from existing tables
    • Added support for CHEAPEST and TOP k CHEAPEST path queries to PGQL on PGX
    • Implemented the PGQL 1.3 language specification, which can be found at
    • Added support for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries
    • Added support for MATCH inside FROM, and optional ON clauses
    • Added support for case insensitivity
    • Added support for quoted identifiers
    • Added support for subqueries after GROUP BY
    • Added a PGQL plugin for SQLcl
    • New built-in algorithms:
      • Compute High Degree Vertices
      • Create Distance Index
      • Limited Shortest Path (Hop Distance)
      • All Reachable Vertices/Edges
      • Louvain (community detection)
      • Python client for PGX
Significant New Features in Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.4
  • Use CREATE PROPERTY GRAPH statement to create a graph from tables in the database and make it available in the in-memory graph server (PGX)
  • Python client for the in-memory graph server (PGX)
  • Zeppelin 0.9 (Zeppelin 0.8 is no longer supported)
  • Use database credentials to log into graph visualization tool