Description of the illustration run_user_action.gif

This graphic shows a portion of a Cloud Control page. At the top are the following locators: Database Instance:orcl > Support Workbench > Problem Details: ORA 600 > Incident Details: 4305 > Run User Action. Underneath is the heading "Run User Action." To the right of the heading are Cancel and Submit buttons. The Description field says: "SQL Test Case Builder gathers and exports all the objects (tables, indexes, statistics, ...) referenced by the SQL so that the problem can be reproduced. The Component field is "RDBMS." The Parameter section contains the following text: "Enter values for the following parameters associated with this user action." Underneath is a table with the following columns: Parameter Name, Value, and Description. The values are "Sampling percent," "0," and "Sampling percentage to use." Underneath the Parameters section is the Schedule section. This section contains the following text: "Please note that the load on the target might increase while a user action is being run." The "Immediately" button is selected. The "Later" button is not selected.