Converting to Oracle Extended Cluster After Upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Review this information to convert to an Oracle Extended Cluster after upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure. Oracle Extended Cluster enables you to deploy Oracle RAC databases on a cluster, in which some of the nodes are located in different sites.

Ensure that you have upgraded to Oracle Grid Infrastructure 21c as described in this chapter.
  1. As the root user, log in to the first node, and run the following command:
    # -converttoextended -first -sites list_of_sites -site node_site

    list_of_sites is the comma-separated list of sites in the extended cluster, and node_site is the node containing the site.

  2. Run the following command on all other cluster nodes:
    # -converttoextended -site node_site

    node_site is the node containing the site.

  3. Delete the default site after the associated nodes and storage are migrated.
    # crsctl delete cluster site site_name