Relinking Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster Binaries

After installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster (Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM configured for a cluster), if you need to modify the binaries, then use the following procedure, where Grid_home is the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster home:


Before relinking executables, you must shut down all executables that run in the Oracle home directory that you are relinking. In addition, shut down applications linked with Oracle shared libraries. If present, unmount all Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS) filesystems.
  1. As the root user, unlock the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home using the following command:
    # cd Grid_home/crs/install
    # -unlock
  2. As the grid user, relink binaries using the following command:
    $ export ORACLE_HOME=Grid_home
    $ Grid_home/bin/relink
  3. As the root user, relock the Grid home as follows:
    # cd Grid_home/rdbms/install/
    # ./
    # cd Grid_home/crs/install
    # -lock

    You must relink the Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM binaries every time you apply an operating system patch or after you perform an operating system upgrade that does not replace the root file system. For an operating system upgrade that results in a new root file system, you must remove the node from the cluster and add it back into the cluster.

    For upgrades from previous releases, if you want to deinstall the prior release Grid home, then you must first unlock the prior release Grid home. Unlock the previous release Grid home by running the command -unlock from the previous release home. After the script has completed, you can run the deinstall command.