Storage Checklist for Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Review the checklist for storage hardware and configuration requirements for Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation.

Table 1-6 Oracle Grid Infrastructure Storage Configuration Checks

Check Task
Minimum disk space (local or shared) for Oracle Grid Infrastructure Software
  • At least 12 GB of space for the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster home (Grid home).
    Oracle recommends that you allocate 100 GB to allow additional space for patches.
    At least 10 GB for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

  • Allocate additional storage space as per your cluster configuration, as described in Oracle Clusterware Storage Space Requirements.

Select Oracle ASM Storage Options

During installation, based on the cluster configuration, you are asked to provide Oracle ASM storage paths for the Oracle Clusterware files. These path locations must be writable by the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation owner (Grid user). These locations must be shared across all nodes of the cluster on Oracle ASM because the files in the Oracle ASM disk group created during installation must be available to all cluster member nodes.

  • For Oracle Standalone Cluster deployment, shared storage, either Oracle ASM or shared file system, is locally mounted on each of the cluster nodes.

  • For Oracle Domain Services Cluster deployment, Oracle ASM storage is shared across all nodes.

Voting files are files that Oracle Clusterware uses to verify cluster node membership and status. Oracle Cluster Registry files (OCR) contain cluster and database configuration information for Oracle Clusterware.

Select Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) Storage Option

Depending on the type of cluster you are installing, you can choose to either host the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) for a cluster on the same cluster or on a remote cluster.


Starting with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c, configuring GIMR is optional for Oracle Standalone Cluster deployments.

For Oracle Standalone Cluster deployment with a local GIMR, you can specify the same or separate Oracle ASM disk group for the GIMR.

For Oracle Standalone Cluster deployment with a remote GIMR, you can use the remote GIMR of the Oracle Domain Services Cluster. You must specify the GIMR details when you create the credentials file before installation.

For Oracle Domain Services Cluster deployment, the GIMR must be configured on a separate Oracle ASM disk group.