Create an export data pump job



Create a Data Pump export job with the specified parameters and start it. Refer to Oracle Data Pump documentation for a more detailed explanation of parameters. A client requires SQL Administrator role to invoke this service.


There are no request parameters for this operation.

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201 Response

Description of the Data Pump export job that has been created.
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The following example shows how to create a Data Pump export job by submitting a POST request on the REST resource using cURL.

curl -i -X POST -u username:password 
-d @request_body.json 
-H "Content-Type:application/json" https://rest_server_url/ords/orcl/pdbadmin/_/db-api/stable/database/datapump/export

Example of Request Body


The URL structure https://rest_server_url/resource-path, used in the preceding command has the following components:
  • rest_server_url is the REST server where Oracle Rest Data Server is running
  • The remainder of the URL includes the ORDS context root, the database identifier, the schema identifier, the version of ORDS Database API to use, and the path for this operation.

The following is an example of a request body for submitting a Data Pump request to export tables beginning with EMP, but not named EMP, from the SCOTT schema.

  "job_mode": "TABLE",
  "name_expressions": [
    {"expression": "!='EMP'"},
    {"expression": "LIKE 'EMP%'"}
  "schema_expressions": [
    {"expression": "IN ('SCOTT')"}

Example of Response Header

The following example shows the response header. The Location header returns the URI that can be used to view the status of the job.

HTTP/1.1 201 Created

Example of Response Body

The following example shows the response body with 201 returned in JSON format:

    "job_name": "DATAPUMP_REST_EXPORT_20190706144505",
    "owner_name": "PDBADMIN",
    "operation": "EXPORT",
    "job_mode": "TABLE",
    "state": "EXECUTING",
    "degree": 1,
    "attached_sessions": 0,
    "datapump_sessions": 2,
    "job_state": "EXECUTING",
    "links": [
            "rel": "collection",
            "href": "https://rest_server_url/ords/orcl/pdbadmin/_/db-api/stable/database/datapump/jobs/"
            "rel": "describedby",
            "href": "https://rest_server_url/ords/orcl/pdbadmin/_/db-api/stable/metadata-catalog/"
            "rel": "related",
            "href": "https://rest_server_url/ords/orcl/pdbadmin/_/db-api/stable/database/datapump/jobs/PDBADMIN,DATAPUMP_REST_EXPORT_20190706144505/EXPDAT-2019-07-06-14_45_05.LOG"
            "rel": "self",
            "href": "https://rest_server_url/ords/orcl/pdbadmin/_/db-api/stable/database/datapump/jobs/PDBADMIN,DATAPUMP_REST_EXPORT_20190706144505/"
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