20 CLSWS-01001 to CLSWS-01018

CLSWS-01001: URL 'string' HTTP method string

Cause: The program is making an HTTP requeest as shown.

Action: None

CLSWS-01002: The string of size string is bigger than the limit string.

Cause: Either the program was in error, or it was being asked to handle more data than was considered reasonable.

Action: If the size is reasonable, contact Oracle Support Services.

CLSWS-01004: An invalid value string was given for option 'string'.

Cause: The value given is not valid for the option.

Action: Provide a valid value for the option.

CLSWS-01005: The URL is invalid: 'string'.

Cause: The URL provided is invalid in some way.

Action: Provide a valid URL.

CLSWS-01006: A bad user:pass string was provided. It had no colon.

Cause: The string given for a "user:password" didn't have the separating colon.

Action: Provide a string with a colon separated user and password.

CLSWS-01007: The program received an HTTP client error, code string (string) from 'string'.

Cause: An error was detected in the HTTP exchange.

Action: Determine if there is a client, network, or server problem.

CLSWS-01008: The program was given a malformed HTTP header, 'string'.

Cause: The program was given an invalid HTTP header.

Action: If possible, complain to the sender.

CLSWS-01009: No 'user:pass' was provided for authentication.

Cause: The operation required a "user:password" string, but none was given.

Action: Provide the needed "user:password" value.

CLSWS-01010: An incorrect value 'string' was given for argument 'string'.

Cause: Internal Error.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.

CLSWS-01011: The program got a network client error string (string) from location 'string'.

Cause: There was a network error in the operation.

Action: If possible, resolve the network or server failure.

CLSWS-01012: The program found an invalid value 'string' instead of the expected 'string' for argument 'string'.

Cause: Internal Error

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services

CLSWS-01013: There was no Oracle Wallet provided for use by SSL or TLS.

Cause: The program needed an Oracle Wallet to use for secure network operation, but none was provided.

Action: Provide a valid Oracle Wallet for the operation.

CLSWS-01014: The provided Oracle Wallet was invalid for use by SSL or TLS.

Cause: There was something wrong with the Oracle Wallet give for use with secure network operation. It may be malformed, there may have been an incorrect or missing Wallet password.

Action: Provide a valid Oracle Wallet with the correct Wallet password.

CLSWS-01015: The program had an error processing JSON, error string (string).

Cause: There was invalid JSON given, or a program error.

Action: If the JSON is valid, contact Oracle Support Services. If it is not, try to contact the JSON provider.

CLSWS-01016: The program experienced an error making a network connection.

Cause: The address and port may be wrong, or the server may be down.

Action: Verify the address information is correct, and check if the server is operating properly.

CLSWS-01017: The program received an unexpected response from the server.

Cause: The response did not contain something the program expected to receive.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.

CLSWS-01018: The operation did not succeed, and no error data was collected.

Cause: Internal program error.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.