163 WLMD-02005 to WLMD-02021

WLMD-02005: Classifier {0} for PC {1} is too long.

Cause: The classifier for the specified performance class (PC) was too long.

Action: Shorten the classifier in the policy set.

WLMD-02006: Total classifier length for PC {0} is too large.

Cause: In aggregate the classifiers for this performance class (PC) were too long.

Action: Remove or shorten classifiers in the policy set.

WLMD-02011: The DBWLM application for the system {0} cannot be undeployed because it is still enabled.

Cause: The DBWLM application was undeployed when it was enabled.

Action: Disable the DBWLM application and then undeploy it.

WLMD-02014: Oracle Clusterware infrastructure has reported a failure.

Cause: There was a problem in the Oracle Clusterware.

Action: Check the exception and, if needed the Oracle Clusterware logs, and correct the issue reported there. Then enable Quality of Service Management (QoS) and retry this operation.

WLMD-02015: QoS configuration key {0} could not be retrieved.

Cause: The key did not exist in the Quality of Service Management (QoS) persistent storage.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services for assistance.

WLMD-02017: Could not retrieve credential information for database {0}.

Cause: An attempt to open the database wallet and read the credential information failed.

Action: Re-enable the database for Quality of Service Management (QoS) from the associated Enterprise Manager console for that database.

WLMD-02018: The task {0} has failed to terminate.

Cause: This is an internal error.

Action: Please provide logs to Oracle Support Services. Quality of Service Management (QoS) restarted automatically.

WLMD-02019: Cluster {0} state change detected. The action requested may no longer be appropriate or possible.

Cause: There was a change to the Oracle Clusterware state since the action was recommended.

Action: Consider implementing actions from the current recommendation.

WLMD-02020: The regular expression for grouping Database Services did not compile.

Cause: This is an internal error.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services for assistance.

WLMD-02021: Operation to generate a new database password was unsuccessful.

Cause: There is most likely a JDK incompatibility issue for the current version of Quality of Service Management (QoS).

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services for assistance.