Creating an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 21c Deployment

Provision Oracle Grid Infrastructure software on two nodes that do not currently have a Grid home, and then configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure to form a multi-node Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation.

Before You Begin


Member Clusters, which are part of the Oracle Cluster Domain architecture, are desupported in Oracle Grid Infrastructure 21c.


Domain Services Cluster (DSC), which is part of the Oracle Cluster Domain architecture, is deprecated in Oracle Grid Infrastructure 21c and can be desupported in a future release.

Provide configuration details for storage, network, users and groups, and node information for installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure in a response file. You can store the response file in any location on the Fleet Patching and Provisioning Server.

You can provision an Oracle Standalone Cluster, Oracle Application Clusters, Oracle Domain Services Cluster, or Oracle Member Clusters. Ensure that the response file has the required cluster configuration details.

Ensure that you have storage, network, and operating system requirements configured as stated in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide.


  • From the Fleet Patching and Provisioning Server, run the command:
    $ rhpctl add workingcopy -workingcopy GI21c -image GI_HOME_21c –responsefile /u01/app/rhpinfo/GI_21c_install.rsp {authentication_option}

    GI21c is the working copy based on the image GI_HOME_21c

    /u01/app/rhpinfo/GI_21c_install.rsp is the response file location.

    Cluster Verification Utility checks for preinstallation configuration as per requirements. Fleet Patching and Provisioning configures Oracle Grid Infrastructure.

Oracle Grid Infrastructure 21c is provisioned as per the settings in the same response file.

During provisioning, if an error occurs, the procedure stops and allows you to fix the error. After fixing the error, you can resume the provisioning operation from where it last stopped.

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