8 Overview of Oracle Database High Availability Best Practices

By adopting the Oracle MAA best practices for Oracle Database, you can achieve the service levels of the Oracle MAA Bronze reference architecture.

The Bronze architecture achieves the highest availability for a single-instance database configuration, whether it is a standalone database or part of a consolidated multitenant database, by using the high availability capabilities included in Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

The Bronze architecture is the base configuration for the other MAA reference architectures. The Oracle Database best practices should also be implemented in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum references architectures, unless specifically noted in the best practices for that architecture.

For information about the components, service levels, and benefits of the Bronze reference architecture, as well as the MAA architectures that build on the Bronze base, see the "High Availability Reference Architectures" interactive diagram at https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/architecture-diagrams/high-availability-overview/high-availability-reference-architectures.html.