Interface ConnectionWithAbandonedTimeout

  • public interface ConnectionWithAbandonedTimeout
    Interface supporting abandoned connection timeout handling for JDBC java.sql.Connections.

    A connection is considered abandoned when there is no activity from the connection to the backend resource for an extended period. By default, the connection pool reclaims the physical connection when a connection is determined to be abandoned.

    The Universal Connection Pool supports the abandonedConnectionTimeout pool property and provides AbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback to allow customized handling of abandoned connections.

    Applications use this interface along with the abandonedConnectionTimeout properties for complete abandoned-connection handling.

    See Also:
    PoolDataSource, AbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback
    • Method Detail

      • registerAbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback

        void registerAbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback​(AbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback cbk)
                                                 throws java.sql.SQLException
        Registers AbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback with this connection.
        cbk - The AbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback object to be registered.
        java.sql.SQLException - If there is a callback already registered with the connection.
      • removeAbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback

        void removeAbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback()
                                               throws java.sql.SQLException
        Removes the AbandonedConnectionTimeoutCallback object registered with this connection, if any.
        java.sql.SQLException - If callback removal fails.