Interface ConnectionWithTimeToLiveTimeout

  • public interface ConnectionWithTimeToLiveTimeout
    Interface supporting time-to-live connection timeout handling for JDBC java.sql.Connections.

    A time-to-live connection allows a borrowed connection to remain borrowed only for a pre-determined period of time. When this period passes, this connection is reclaimed and put back into the connection pool.

    The Universal Connection Pool supports the timeToLiveConnectionTimeout pool property and provides TimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback to allow customized handling of TTL timed-out connections.

    Applications use this interface along with the timeToLiveConnectionTimeout properties for complete TTL-connection handling.

    See Also:
    PoolDataSource, TimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback
    • Method Detail

      • registerTimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback

        void registerTimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback​(TimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback cbk)
                                                  throws java.sql.SQLException
        Registers a time-to-live connection timeout callback with this connection.
        cbk - The TimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback object to be registered.
        java.sql.SQLException - If there is a callback already registered with the connection.
      • removeTimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback

        void removeTimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback()
                                                throws java.sql.SQLException
        Removes the TimeToLiveConnectionTimeoutCallback object registered with this connection, if any.
        java.sql.SQLException - If callback removal fails.