Removing an RPM-based Oracle Database Installation

Use this procedure to remove and deinstall a database installed using the yum command.

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Run the following command to remove the RPM-based database installation:
    # yum -y remove oracle-database-ee-21c
The yum command detects the default configured components in the Oracle home such as the database (ORCLCDB) and the listener (LISTENER) and removes these components for you.

Apart from the default database (ORCLCDB) and the listener (LISTENER), if the yum command detects other configured components in the Oracle home such as additional databases or listeners, then it stops the deinstallation process. A message is displayed that instructs you to remove these configured components manually. To remove these configured components:

  1. Login as the Oracle Database installation owner user (oracle).

  2. To remove any database associated with your installation, use Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (Oracle DBCA).

    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin 
    $ ./dbca
  3. To remove any listeners associated with your installation, run Oracle Net Configuration Assistant (Oracle NETCA).

    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin 
    $ ./netca
  4. Log in as root and run the yum command again to remove the rpm-based database installation.

    # yum -y remove oracle-database-ee-21c