Microsoft Windows Servicing Options

On Microsoft Windows 10 systems, Microsoft introduced new servicing options.

Oracle Database supports the following servicing options:

  • Semi-Annual Channel

  • Long-Term Servicing Channel

Other servicing options, such as Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) are not supported. Oracle previously supported the former Windows servicing options, such as the Current Branch for Business (CBB) and Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB).


Oracle supports its database products on these channel releases that become generally available for as long as Microsoft supports the channel version. Once Microsoft support ends for a specific channel version, Oracle's support ends for that version as well. Oracle may recommend that customers wait until relevant Oracle patches have been released before upgrading to a particular channel version. Oracle may recommend or discourage the installation of a specific channel version if it significantly affects the operation of Oracle software, either positively or negatively. If such a statement is deemed necessary, Oracle will disseminate this statement on My Oracle Support.