Server Configuration Checklist for Oracle Database Client Installation

Use this checklist to check minimum server configuration requirements for Oracle Database Client installations.

Table 1-3 Server Configuration Checklist for Oracle Database Client Installation

Check Task

Disk space allocated to the temporary directory

At least 130 MB of space in the temporary directory

Swap space allocation relative to RAM

Double the amount of RAM

Groups and Users

Oracle recommends that you create groups and user accounts required for your security plans before starting installation. Installation owners have resource limits settings and other requirements. Group and user names must use only ASCII characters.

Mount point paths for the software binaries

Oracle recommends that you create an Optimal Flexible Architecture configuration as described in the appendix "Optimal Flexible Architecture" in Oracle Database Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows for your platform.

Ensure that the Oracle home (the Oracle home path that you select for Oracle Database) uses only ASCII characters.

The ASCII character restriction includes installation owner user names, which are used as a default for some home paths, as well as other directory names you may select for paths.

Set locale (if needed)

Specify the language and the territory, or locale, in which you want to use Oracle components. A locale is a linguistic and cultural environment in which a system or program is running. National Language Support (NLS) parameters determine the locale-specific behavior on both servers and clients. The locale setting of a component determines the language of the user interface of the component, and the globalization behavior, such as date and number formatting.