This property specifies the amount of data that the OracleDataReader initially fetches for LOB columns.


// C#
public int InitialLOBFetchSize {get; set;}

Property Value

An int specifying the number of characters or bytes to fetch initially.


ArgumentException - The InitialLOBFetchSize value specified is invalid.


The value of InitialLOBFetchSize specifies the initial amount of LOB data that is immediately fetched by the OracleDataReader. The property value specifies the number of characters for CLOB and NCLOB data, and the number of bytes for BLOB data.

The InitialLOBFetchSize value is used to determine the length of the LOB column data to fetch, if the LOB column is in the select list. If the select list does not contain a LOB column, the InitialLOBFetchSize value is ignored.

When InitialLOBFetchSize is set to -1, the entire LOB data is prefetched and stored in the fetch array.

Default = 0.

The maximum value supported for InitialLOBFetchSize is 2 GB.

GetOracleBlob and GetOracleClob methods can be used to retrieve any LOBs no matter the InitialLOBFetchSize value.