This method enlists the connection to the specified transaction.


// C#
public override void EnlistTransaction(Transaction transaction)


  • transaction

    A System.Transactions.Transaction object.


InvalidOperationException - The connection is part of a local transaction or the connection is closed.


Invocation of this method immediately enlists the connection to a transaction that is specified by the provided transaction parameter.

If OracleConnection is still associated with a distributed transaction that has not completed from a previous EnlistTransaction method invocation, calling this method will cause an exception to be thrown.

In general, for transaction enlistments to succeed, the "enlist" connection string attribute must be set to "true" before invoking the Open method. Setting the "enlist" connection string attribute to "true" will implicitly enlist the connection when the Open method is called, if the connection is within a transaction context. The "enlist" attribute should be set to "false" or "dynamic" only if the connection will never enlist in a transaction.