This property specifies the time interval after an unacknowledged probe before a new probe is sent.


// C#
public static int KeepAliveInterval { get; set; }

Property Type



In seconds. The interval default is 6 seconds between unacknowledged probes.

When keepalive probes are sent, they are normally acknowledged by the remote TCP. If the connection remains idle, but TCP does see the probe acknowledgements, then TCP will send the probes at a rate of once every KeepAliveTime duration.

When these probes are not acknowledged, the probes are then sent at intervals set by KeepAliveInterval. Probes will continue to be sent at the KeepAliveInterval until the server acknowledges the probe, independent connection activity occurs, or 10 consecutive unacknowledged probes have been sent.

After a probe is acknowledged, future probes will be sent again at the KeepAliveTime interval.

If 10 probes are sent without acknowledgement, the connection is deemed EOF/Reset.