OracleDataAdapter(string, OracleConnection)

This constructor creates an instance of an OracleDataAdapter class with the provided OracleConnection object and the command text for the SelectCommand.


// C#
public OracleDataAdapter(string selectCommandText, OracleConnection


  • selectCommandText

    The string that is set as the CommandText of the SelectCommand property of the OracleDataAdapter.

  • selectConnection

    The OracleConnection to connect to the Oracle database.


The OracleDataAdapter opens and closes the connection, if it is not already open. If the connection is open, it must be explicitly closed.

Initial values are set for the following OracleDataAdapter properties as indicated:

  • MissingMappingAction = MissingMappingAction.Passthrough

  • MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.Add