About SCAN Listeners

During Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation, SCAN listeners are created for as many IP addresses as there are SCAN VIP addresses assigned to resolve to the SCAN.

Oracle recommends that the SCAN resolves to three VIP addresses, to provide high availability and scalability. If the SCAN resolves to three addresses, then three SCAN VIPs and three SCAN listeners are created.

Each SCAN listener depends on its corresponding SCAN VIP. The SCAN listeners cannot start until the SCAN VIP is available on a node.

The addresses for the SCAN listeners resolve either through an external domain name service (DNS), or through the Grid Naming Service (GNS) within the cluster. SCAN listeners and SCAN VIPs can run on any node in the cluster. If a node where a SCAN VIP is running fails, then the SCAN VIP and its associated listener fails over to another node in the cluster. If the number of available nodes within the cluster falls to less than three, then one server hosts two SCAN VIPs and SCAN listeners. The SCAN listener also supports HTTP protocol for communication with Oracle XML Database (XDB).

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