TO_CHAR (character)




TO_CHAR (character) converts NCHAR, NVARCHAR2, CLOB, or NCLOB data to the database character set. The value returned is always VARCHAR2.

When you use this function to convert a character LOB into the database character set, if the LOB value to be converted is larger than the target type, then the database returns an error.

See Also:

Appendix C in Oracle Database Globalization Support Guide for the collation derivation rules, which define the collation assigned to the character return value of this function


The following example interprets a simple string as character data:



Compare this example with the first example for TO_CHAR (number).

The following example converts some CLOB data from the pm.print_media table to the database character set:

SELECT TO_CHAR(ad_sourcetext) FROM print_media
      WHERE product_id = 2268;

TIGER2 2268...Standard Hayes Compatible Modem
Product ID: 2268
The #1 selling modem in the universe! Tiger2's modem includes call management
and Internet voicing. Make real-time full duplex phone calls at the same time
you're online.

TO_CHAR (character) Function: Example

The following statements create a table named empl_temp and populate it with employee details:

CREATE TABLE empl_temp 
     employee_id NUMBER(6), 
     first_name  VARCHAR2(20), 
     last_name   VARCHAR2(25), 
     email       VARCHAR2(25), 
     hire_date   DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE, 
     job_id      VARCHAR2(10), 
     clob_column CLOB 

INSERT INTO empl_temp
VALUES(111,'John','Doe','','10-JAN-2015','1001','Experienced Employee');

INSERT INTO empl_temp
VALUES(112,'John','Smith','','12-JAN-2015','1002','Junior Employee');

INSERT INTO empl_temp
VALUES(113,'Johnnie','Smith','','12-JAN-2014','1002','Mid-Career Employee');

INSERT INTO empl_temp
VALUES(115,'Jane','Doe','','15-JAN-2015','1005','Executive Employee');

The following statement converts CLOB data to the database character set:

SELECT To_char(clob_column) "CLOB_TO_CHAR" 
FROM   empl_temp 
WHERE  employee_id IN ( 111, 112, 115 );

Experienced Employee
Junior Employee
Executive Employee

Live SQL:

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