Description of the illustration rec_for_sql_id.gif

The Select Recommendations section is shown.

The Original Explain Plan (Annotated) button is on the left.

The section has a table that has the following columns: Select, Type, Findings, Recommendations, Rationale, Benefit (%), Other Statistics, New Explain Plan, Compare Explain Plans. The Select column has an option button. The Findings column value is a link.

The table has one row with the following values:

(selected), Restructure SQL, An expensive "UNION" operation was found al line AD 1 of the execution plan, Consider using "UNION ALL" instead of "UNION" if duplicates are allowed or uniqueness is guaranteed, "UNION" is an expensive and blocking operation because it requires elimination of duplicate rows. "UNION ALL" is a cheaper alternative, assuming that duplicates are allowed or uniqueness is guaranteed, null, null, null, null.

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