Description of the illustration sta_advisor_results.gif

The Results section is shown. Underneath the title are the View Result and Delete buttons. The Action list shows Re-schedule selected. To the right of the list is the Go button. On the far right is the Previous field with the value 1-25 of 1346 and the Next 25 link.

The section has a table that has the following columns: Select, Name Advisory Type, Description, User, Status, Start Time, Duration (seconds), Expires In (days). The Select column has an option button. The Name column value is a link.

The table has one row that has the following values: (selected), SQL_TUNING_1329403878841, SQL Tuning Advisor, null, DBA1, COMPLETED, Feb 16, 2012 8:55:43 AM, 17, 30.

End of description.