Description of the illustration sts_export.gif

The Export SQL Tuning Set page is shown.

The Cancel and OK buttons are on the right side of the page.

The following name-value pairs are shown:

SQL Tuning Set Name is STS_TUEFEB21.

Owner is DBA1.

The Directory Object list has DATA_DIR selected. An asterisk to the left of the list name indicates it requires a value. The Create Directory Object button is to the right of the list.

The Directory Name label has the value /disk1/oracle/admin/empdb/dpdump.

The Export File fields has the value EXPDAT_STS_TUEFEB21.DMP. An asterisk to the left of the field name indicates it requires a value.

The Log File field has the value EXPDAT_STS_TUEFEB21.LOG.

The Staging Table Schema field has the value DBA1.

Above a table, the following text appears: "Select a tablespace which will be used temporarily to store the data for the export operation. By default, SYSAUX will be used."

The table has the following columns: Select, Tablespace Name, Available Space (MB). The values of the Select column are options. The rows of the table have the following values:

Row 1: (selected option), SYSAUX, 14,6875.

Row 2: (deselected option), SYSEXT, 38.9375.

Row 3: (deselected option), SYSTEM, 0.

Row 4: (deselected option), TBS_1, 99.9375.

In the Job Parameters section, the Job Name field has the value EXPDAT_STS_TUEFEB21. The Description field is blank.

In the Schedule section are two options: Immediately (selected) and Later. The Time Zone list shows (UTC+00:00) Universal Time. The Date field shows Feb 21, 2012. The Time lists show 12:42:00 p.m.

End of description.