Description of the illustration sts_review.gif

The Create SQL Tuning Set: Review page is shown.

The Database is empdb. The Cancel, Back, and Submit buttons are shown. The text "Step 5 of 5" is between Back and Submit.

Below the buttons is the text "Review the SQL Tuning Set options you have selected." The following name-value pairs are shown:

SQL Tuning Set Name is STS_TUEFEB21.

Owner is DBA1.

Description is High-load statements.

Created an empty SQL tuning set is No.

Load Methods is Incrementally capture active SQL statements over a period of time from the cursor cache.

Duration is 23 HOURS.

Frequency is 5 MINUTES.

Job Name is CREATE_STS_TueFeb21_090206_892.

Scheduled Start Time is Run Immediately.

End of description.