Options and Restrictions for Oracle Restart Upgrades

Review these upgrade options and restrictions when you upgrade to Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server (Oracle Restart) 21c.

Supported upgrade paths for Oracle Restart for this release are:

  • Oracle Restart upgrade from 12c Release 2 (12.2) to Oracle Restart 21c.

  • Oracle Restart upgrade from 18c to Oracle Restart 21c.

  • Oracle Restart upgrade from 19c to Oracle Restart 21c.

Restrictions for Oracle Restart Upgrades

  • Oracle Restart upgrades are always out-of-place upgrades. You cannot perform an in-place upgrade of Oracle Restart to an existing Grid home.
  • The same user that owned the earlier release of the Oracle Restart software must perform the Oracle Restart 21c upgrade.
  • Do not delete directories in the Grid home. For example, do not delete the directory Grid_home\OPatch. If you delete the directory, then the Oracle Restart installation owner cannot use the OPatch utility to patch the Grid home, and OPatch displays the error message "'checkdir' error: cannot create Grid_home\OPatch".
  • The software in the 21c Oracle Restart home is not fully functional until the upgrade is complete. Running srvctl, crsctl, and other commands from the new Grid home are not supported until the the upgrade is complete.
  • To manage databases in an existing earlier release database home during the Oracle Restart upgrade, use the srvctl utility from the existing database home.