8 Using Enterprise Manager Express

You can leverage all the functionality and ease of use of Enterprise Manager (EM) to manage your XE database.

To connect to EM Express, go to https://localhost:5500/em from the browser on the system. 

Port 5500 is the default port assigned during database creation. During install, we automatically choose next port (for example, 5501) if 5500 is already used. Then you must provide that port.

8.1 Making Oracle Database EM Express Available to Remote Clients

After you install Oracle Database XE, EM Express is only available from the local server, it cannot be accessed remotely.

To make EM Express available to remote clients, start SQL*Plus, log in as SYSTEM, and execute the following procedure. From the command prompt run the following commands. In the commands, replace "<oracle_home>" with the path to your Oracle Home; see Table 5-1 for more details about Oracle Home.

cd <oracle_home>\bin
sqlplus system
Enter password: SYSTEM_password