10 Distributed LOBs

This section describes the ways in which you can work with LOB data in remote tables.

Distributed LOBs are LOBs that are fetched from one server to another, and may optionally be returned to the client. Distributed LOBs can be persistent or temporary LOBs for both reference and value LOB columns.

In sharding, a table is horizontally partitioned with subsets of rows in a table stored in different sharded databases. The client connects to the coordinator database, which in turn works with shards to provide a consolidated view of a table. Sharded LOBs are an extension of Distributed LOBs. LOB data between different shards is transported as distributed LOBs and the result is provided to the client through the coordinator database.

All Persistent LOBs and Temporary LOBs originating from JSON support Distributed and Sharded LOBs.