Description of the illustration incident_details_num.gif

This graphic is a screen shot. At the top are the menus Oracle Database > Performance > Availability > Schema > Administration. Underneath are the breadcrumbs Database Instance: orcl > Support Workbench > Problem Details: ORA 600 > Incident Details: 4305. Underneath is the heading Incident Details: 4305. The page refreshed on March 9, 2012. The Summary has the following fields and values: Problem Key, ORA 600; Status, Ready; Active, No; Timestamp, March 6; User Impact, Unknown; Source, System Generated; Data Dumped, No; ECID, Unknown; Error, ORA 600; Correlation Keys, SID = 27.23; Purge Date, April 5, 2012.

The Application Information section contains the following fields and values: SQL ID, bkarcpbnvrb77; SQL Text, explain plan for ...; User, SH; Module, SQL*Plus; Action, Unknown.

Underneath are three tabs: Dump Files (selected), Checker Findings, and Additional Diagnostics. The table has the columns File Name, Size (MB), Timestamp, Path, and View Contents. The first row is as follows: orcl_ora_11936, 3.66, March 6, 2012, /disk01/11111111111/oracle..., View Contents.