This package contains constants and procedure declarations for health check management. Health Monitor provides facilities to run a check store and retrieve the reports through DBMS_HM package

This chapter contains the following topics:

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Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for more information about "Health Monitor"

DBMS_HM Security Model

Users must have EXECUTE privilege to run the procedures of DBMS_HM package.

Summary of DBMS_HM Subprograms

This table lists the DBMS_CONNECTION_POOL subprograms and briefly describes them.

Table 88-1 DBMS_HM Package Subprograms

Subprogram Description


Returns the report for the specified checker run

RUN_CHECK Procedure

Runs the specified checker with the given arguments


This function returns the report for the specified checker run.


    run_name      IN  VARCHAR2,
    type           IN  VARCHAR2 := 'TEXT',
    level          IN  VARCHAR2 := 'BASIC',) 


Table 88-2 GET_RUN_REPORT Function Parameters

Parameter Description


Name of the check's run


Report format type. Possible values are 'HTML', 'XML' and 'TEXT'. Default report type is 'TEXT'.


Details of report, possible value are 'BASIC' and 'DETAIL'. Caution: Currently only 'BASIC' level is supported.

RUN_CHECK Procedure

This procedure runs the specified checker with the specified arguments.

You can specify a name for the run, the inputs needed and maximum time-out for the run. The run report will be maintained persistently in the database.


   check_name     IN  VARCHAR2,
   run_name       IN  VARCHAR2 := NULL,
   timeout        IN  NUMBER := NULL,
   input_params   IN  VARCHAR2 := NULL);


Table 88-3 RUN_CHECK Procedure Parameters

Parameter Description


Name of the check to be invoked. Check names and their parameters can be accessed from the V$HM_CHECK and V$HM_CHECK_PARAM views. Users can run all checks which are not internal in nature: SELECT name FROM V$HM_CHECK WHERE INTERNAL_CHECK = 'N' retrieves the list of checks that can be run manually by users.


Name with which external users can uniquely identify this check's run. If NULL value is passed, then HM creates a unique name and associates with this check's run.


Maximum amount of time (in units of seconds), this checker run is allowed to run. HM will interrupt the run, if it the specified time elapses for the run. If NULL value is passed, HM doesn't impose any timeout limits on the run.


Input string: which consists of name, value pairs de-limited by a special character ';'.

Example ('Data Block Integrity Check' invocation may take following type of input parameters.


Input parameters BLC_DF_NUM and BLC_BL_NUM have values '1' and '23456' respectively.

Every check will have well defined set of inputs associated with it. These Input parameters, their types, default values and descriptions can be obtained using V$HM_CHECK_PARAM view.

Example: The following query gets the list of parameters, their default values and descriptions for a 'Data Block Integrity Check'

SELECT a.* FROM v$hm_check_param a, v$hm_check b
WHERE a.check_id = b.id
AND b.name = 'Data Block Integrity Check';