Class DefaultTraceEventListenerProvider

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        public static final TraceEventListener NO_OP_TRACE_EVENT_LISTENER
        A listener that does nothing. This listener is provided if the dms.jar is not on the class path.
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      • DefaultTraceEventListenerProvider

        public DefaultTraceEventListenerProvider()
        Public no-args constructor required by ServiceLoader. The check for the dms.jar happens here.
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      • getTraceEventListener

        public TraceEventListener getTraceEventListener​(java.util.Map<OracleResourceProvider.Parameter,​java.lang.CharSequence> parameterValues)
        Description copied from interface: TraceEventListenerProvider

        Returns a TraceEventListener that receives application and system tracing events.

        The parameterValues passed to this method is a Map comprised as follows:

        • The key set is the same as, or a subset of, the Parameter objects returned by an invocation of OracleResourceProvider.getParameters() on this provider.
        • If no value is configured for a parameter, then the Map contains the default value of that Parameter, if any. If the parameter has no default value, then the map does not contain an entry for that Parameter.
        • The Map does not contain entries having null values.
        The parameterValues Map may contain a CharSequence having a security sensitive value. After this method returns, the caller may wipe the contents of these CharSequence values from memory. Implementations of this method should not retain a reference to these CharSequence objects.

        Specified by:
        getTraceEventListener in interface TraceEventListenerProvider
        parameterValues - Parameters configured by connection properties . Not null. May be empty.
        A TraceEventListener. Not null.