APPROX_PERCENTILE_AGG takes as its input a column of details containing approximate percentile information, and enables you to perform aggregations of that information.

For detail, specify a column of details created by the APPROX_PERCENT_DETAIL function or the APPROX_PERCENTILE_AGG function. This column is of data type BLOB.

You can specify this function in a SELECT statement with a GROUP BY clause to aggregate the information contained in the details within each group of rows and return a single detail for each group.

This function returns a BLOB value, called a detail, which contains approximate percentile information in a special format. You can store details returned by this function in a table or materialized view, and then again use the APPROX_PERCENTILE_AGG function to further aggregate those details, or use the TO_APPROX_PERCENTILE function to convert the details to specified percentile values.


Refer to APPROX_PERCENTILE_AGG: Examples for examples of using the APPROX_PERCENTILE_AGG function in conjunction with the APPROX_PERCENTILE_DETAIL and TO_APPROX_PERCENTILE functions.