Hierarchical Query Pseudocolumns

The hierarchical query pseudocolumns are valid only in hierarchical queries. The hierarchical query pseudocolumns are:

To define a hierarchical relationship in a query, you must use the CONNECT BY clause.


The CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE pseudocolumn returns 1 if the current row has a child which is also its ancestor. Otherwise it returns 0.

You can specify CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE only if you have specified the NOCYCLE parameter of the CONNECT BY clause. NOCYCLE enables Oracle to return the results of a query that would otherwise fail because of a CONNECT BY loop in the data.

See Also:

Hierarchical Queries for more information about the NOCYCLE parameter and Hierarchical Query Examples for an example that uses the CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE pseudocolumn


The CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF pseudocolumn returns 1 if the current row is a leaf of the tree defined by the CONNECT BY condition. Otherwise it returns 0. This information indicates whether a given row can be further expanded to show more of the hierarchy.


The following example shows the first three levels of the hr.employees table, indicating for each row whether it is a leaf row (indicated by 1 in the IsLeaf column) or whether it has child rows (indicated by 0 in the IsLeaf column):

SELECT last_name "Employee", CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF "IsLeaf",
       LEVEL, SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH(last_name, '/') "Path"
  FROM employees
  WHERE LEVEL <= 3 AND department_id = 80
  START WITH employee_id = 100
  CONNECT BY PRIOR employee_id = manager_id AND LEVEL <= 4
  ORDER BY "Employee", "IsLeaf";

Employee                      IsLeaf      LEVEL Path
------------------------- ---------- ---------- -------------------------
Abel                               1          3 /King/Zlotkey/Abel
Ande                               1          3 /King/Errazuriz/Ande
Banda                              1          3 /King/Errazuriz/Banda
Bates                              1          3 /King/Cambrault/Bates
Bernstein                          1          3 /King/Russell/Bernstein
Bloom                              1          3 /King/Cambrault/Bloom
Cambrault                          0          2 /King/Cambrault
Cambrault                          1          3 /King/Russell/Cambrault
Doran                              1          3 /King/Partners/Doran
Errazuriz                          0          2 /King/Errazuriz
Fox                                1          3 /King/Cambrault/Fox
. . . 

LEVEL Pseudocolumn

For each row returned by a hierarchical query, the LEVEL pseudocolumn returns 1 for a root row, 2 for a child of a root, and so on. A root row is the highest row within an inverted tree. A child row is any nonroot row. A parent row is any row that has children. A leaf row is any row without children. Figure 3-1 shows the nodes of an inverted tree with their LEVEL values.

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