ORA_DM_PARTITION_NAME is a single row function that works along with other existing functions. This function returns the name of the partition associated with the input row. When ORA_DM_PARTITION_NAME is used on a non-partitioned model, the result is NULL.

The syntax of the ORA_DM_PARTITION_NAME function can use an optional GROUPING hint when scoring a partitioned model. See GROUPING Hint.


The mining_attribute_clause identifies the column attributes to use as predictors for scoring. When the function is invoked with the analytic syntax, these predictors are also used for building the transient models. The mining_attribute_clause behaves as described for the PREDICTION function. See mining_attribute_clause.

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The following examples are excerpted from the Oracle Machine Learning for SQL sample programs. For more information about the sample programs, see Appendix A in Oracle Machine Learning for SQL User’s Guide.


SELECT prediction(mymodel using *) pred, ora_dm_partition_name(mymodel USING *) pname FROM customers;