Interface Pagination

  • public interface Pagination
    Provides services for Paginating resources
    • Method Detail

      • startPagination

        PaginationState startPagination​(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request,
                                        PaginationMetadata pagination)
        Determine the maximum number of items that should be included in the representation of the specified request
        request - The request for the resource
        pagination - The metadata about how the resource is paginated
        The maximum number of items to include in the resource representation
      • maximumLimit

        long maximumLimit()
        Indicates the system wide maximum number of items that a single page may contain. No paginated resource will ever have more than this number of items. If the maximum number was unbounded, then clients using the limit query string parameter could cause a denial of service, by specifying a large value.
        The maximum number of items in any page