4.2.5 Token Expiration

By default, tokens are valid for 1 hour.

Internally, the graph client automatically renews tokens which are about to expire in less than 30 minutes. This is also configurable by re-authenticating your credentials with the database. By default, tokens can only be automatically renewed for up to 24 times, then you need to login again.

If the maximum amount of auto-renewals is reached, you can log in again without losing any of your session data by using the GraphServer#reauthenticate (instance, "<user>", "<password>") API.


If a session time out occurs before you re-authenticate, then you may lose your session data.

For example:

opg4j> var graph = session.readGraphWithProperties(config) // fails because token cannot be renewed anymore
opg4j> GraphServer.reauthenticate(instance, "<user>", "<password>".toCharArray()) // log in again
opg4j> var graph = session.readGraphWithProperties(config) // works now