1.2 Accessing Oracle SQL Developer Web

Oracle SQL Developer Web runs in Oracle REST Data Services, which is bundled with database services available in Oracle Public Cloud. Currently, SQL Developer Web is only available in Oracle Database Cloud Service with Oracle Database 11g, 12c, and 18c databases.

Access to SQL Developer Web in a cloud service is provided through schema-based authentication. When using Oracle SQL Developer Web in an Oracle Database Cloud Service database deployment, sign in as a database user. Before signing in, enable the database user’s schema for SQL Developer Web. For information on enabling schemas for SQL Developer Web, see Administering Oracle Database Cloud Service.

In the SQL Developer Web login page, enter the user name and the password of the database user for the enabled schema. Ensure that you enter the user name in uppercase (and not lowercase) characters. Click Sign In. If the schema was enabled to support the DBA features of SQL Developer Web, the Database Cloud Service Dashboard page is displayed. Otherwise, the SQL Developer Home page is displayed.

To go to the SQL Developer Web Home page from the Dashboard, click the Selector icon Selectorat the top left of the screen, and then click SQL Developer. Alternatively, you can directly access the SQL Developer Web features by clicking the relevant icon in the Dashboard Quick Links box.