The Home Page - Launchpad

When you log in to Database Actions, the Launchpad page appears.

Launchpad is the home page for Database Actions. It contains three main groups: Development, Administration, and Monitoring. Each group consists of feature-based icons that you can click to navigate to the respective pages.

The main features are:


  • SQL: Enter and execute SQL and PL/SQL commands, and create database objects. See The SQL Page

  • Data Modeler: Create diagrams from existing database schemas, generate DDL statements, and create reports. See The Data Modeler Page

  • APEX: Link to the Oracle Application Express sign-in page. Application Express is a rapid web application development platform for the Oracle database. See Oracle Application Express documentation

  • REST: Develop RESTful web services and ensure secure access. See The REST Pages

  • JSON: Manage and query JSON collections. JSON is available only if you are signed in as a database user with the SODA_APP role. See The JSON Page


  • Database Users: Perform user management tasks such as create, edit, and REST enable users. Users have access to features based on user privileges. See The Database Users Page


  • Monitor database activity and performance using various tools.

    Monitoring is available to database users with DBA and PDB_DBA roles. The only exception is the Real Time SQL Monitoring feature, which is also available to non-administrator users for Oracle Database 19c and later versions.

    See The Monitoring Pages