2.2 Accessing Database Actions

Oracle Database Actions is included with Oracle REST Data Services.

To access Database Actions:

  1. Enable Database Actions in Oracle REST Data Services. For more information, see Interactive Command-Line Interface Installation in Oracle REST Data Services Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. To use Database Actions, you must sign in as a database user whose schema has been REST-enabled.

    Execute the following code as a database user with the DBA role:

      p_enabled => TRUE,
      p_schema => 'schema-name',
      p_url_mapping_type => 'BASE_PATH',
      p_url_mapping_pattern => 'schema-alias',
      p_auto_rest_auth => TRUE


    • schema-name is the database schema name in all-uppercase.
    • schema-alias is an alias for the schema name that will appear in the URL the user will use to access Database Actions. Oracle recommends that you do not use the schema name itself as a security measure to keep the schema name from being exposed.
    • p_auto_rest_auth specifies that the REST /metadata-catalog/ endpoint requires authorization. REST uses the metadata-catalog to get a list of published services on the schema.
  3. In the login page (http://domain name/ords/sql-developer), enter the name of the user and click Next.

    You see the URL change to /ords/<Username>. Enter the password, and click Sign in. The Database Actions home page (Launchpad) appears.

    When you log out, you return to the login page (http://domain name/ords/sql-developer) and are prompted for the user name again.