Access Oracle Data Transforms From Data Studio

APPLIES TO: Applicable Data Transforms that is part of the suite of data tools built into Oracle Autonomous Database.

Data Transforms combines all the elements of data integration - data movement, data synchronization, data quality, and data management to ensure that information is timely, accurate, and consistent across complex systems.

To use the Data Transforms tool you must access Database Actions as the ADMIN user or have the DATA_TRANSFORM_USER role assigned. See Manage User Profiles with Autonomous Database for information on granting roles.

To access the Data Transforms tool:

  1. Login as an ADMIN user or a user with the DATA_TRANSFORM_USER role assigned.
  2. Click Data Transforms in the Database Actions page, or click the Selector icon and select Data Transforms from the Data Studio menu in the navigation pane.


    Data Transforms is also available as a separate listing on OCI Marketplace. If you have already registered a Data Transforms instance from OCI Marketplace with the Autonomous Database, the Data Transforms card on the Database Actions page will continue to take you to your Marketplace instance. If you wish to use the embedded Data Transforms, then you must unregister the Marketplace instance. See Unregister the ODI Instance from Autonomous Database.
  3. When you login to the Data Transforms tool for the first time, you need to provide the database user credentials to sign in.

    It takes approximately 1-2 minutes for the Data Transforms service to start. After the service starts, the Data Transforms home page opens.

  4. From the left pane of the Home page, click the Connections tab to view the newly created Autonomous Database connection.

    4. Click the Actions icon next to the connection and select Edit.

  5. In the Update Connection page, enter the database username and password to use the connection. Click Update to save the changes.