3.1 The Overview Page

The Overview page contains widgets that provide a general overview of the activity in the SQL and Data Modeler pages.

To navigate to the Overview page, click SelectorSelectorand then select Development.

  • My Worksheets: Displays your saved worksheets. You can click the name of the worksheet to open it in the Worksheet page.

  • My Diagrams: Displays the Data Modeler diagrams that have been saved. You can click the name of the diagram to open it in the Data Modeler page.

  • Recently Modified Objects: Displays a timeline of the created, modified, and dropped objects in the database. You can zoom in and out using the + and icons. You can also move horizontally by dragging the cursor to the right or left.

  • Invalid Objects: Displays the invalid objects in your schema.

  • Table Stats Freshness: Displays the time period since the tables were last analyzed.

You can right-click the header in Invalid Objects, Table Stats Freshness, My Worksheets, or My Diagrams to manage or sort columns:

  • Columns: Enables you to select columns to show or hide.

  • Sort: Displays a dialog box for selecting columns to sort by. For each column, you can specify ascending or descending order, and you can specify that null values be displayed first.

Right-click the body of the display table to count rows or to view records:

  • Count Rows: Displays the number of rows in the table.

  • Single Record View: Enables you to view data for a table or view, one record at a time.

  • Copy: Copies data from a cell or a row or a range of rows. To copy from more than one row, select the rows you want to copy, right-click by pressing the SHIFT or CTRL key, and select Copy.