Work with Projects

A project is the top-level container, which can include multiple folders to organize your data flows or work flows into logical groups.

The Projects page displays all the existing projects, which includes projects created by all users not just the logged in user.

You can perform the following operations of a Project folder:

  • View Details
  • Edit the name
  • Delete

Creating a Project

To create a new project:

  1. Click Create Project on the Projects page.
  2. On the Create Project page, provide a project name.
  3. Click Create.

    After creating the project, you're redirected to the Projects page.

Viewing Project Details

To view project details:

  1. On the Projects page, select a project and click View Details from the project's Actions icon (Actions icon) or select a project to open its details page.
  2. It displays all the resources associated to the selected project. It includes details such as Data Flow Name and Folder details for the selected project.
  3. Click the Actions icon (Actions icon) of the respective data flow to edit, rename, copy, change folder, start or delete the required data flow of the selected project.

Deleting a Project

When you delete a project, you also delete the resources it contains. Once you delete a project, it cannot be restored.


Be sure to review all contained resources before you delete the project.

To delete a project, on the Projects page, select Delete from the Actions icon (Actions icon) for the project you want to delete or select a project to open its details page, and then click Delete.

In the Delete Project dialog, click Delete to confirm the delete operation.